​​​Art Integration

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Develop creative and critical thinking skills using theater improvisation and media arts.  Most of us consume some sort of media every day without thinking about what media is doing to us.  We will use script writing and improvisation to critically examine the images we see in the media and envision how we might want to participate in the production of new images.

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South Berwyn District 100 winter arts festival

​Scientists for Tomorrow

Students learn important science and math concepts while participating in hands-on activities that enhance currlcula. We build critical thinking skills while exploring fascinating concepts.
Once a week

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Explore the exciting world of robotics while learning important engineering,  math, and science topics to help you blast off in the 21st Century! Join a team today to start your path building a competition-ready robot!
Once a week

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Tutors are here to help students raise grades through focus on challenging subjects and topics, and by ensuring students are completing and improving homework
Every Weekday

7:00am - 8:10am

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