Build Robots and Compete!

Experience VEX robotics by working with a team to design and build your own competition-ready robot. Students will have the chance to take their completed robots to robotics scrimmage events, and official Regional Competitions for a chance to qualify to compete in the official VEX State and National Competitions! Click here to visit the VEX robotics site >

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Check out the 2018-2019 VEX Robotics Challenge: Turning Point!


The challenge from last year has been replaced by the newest VEX challenge called turning point!  Students are required to design robots that pick up and place cones in scoring zones, all while aptly maneuvering the arena. Teams also have the additional challenge of designing for parking their robot in certain areas at the end of the match.  Watch the video for details!

Find out why Robotics is getting all kinds of attention lately!


Click here to listen to famous celebrities you will recognize from music and the movies who are excited about science, and all that it can add to your life. 

​Scientists for Tomorrow

Students learn important science and math concepts while participating in hands-on activities that enhance currlcula. We build critical thinking skills while exploring fascinating concepts.
Once a week

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Art Integration

Website design, 3D architecture, mobile app development, and much more!  Art sessions keep you in touch with your creative side to ensure you have the skills for a 21st Century Career.
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Tutors are here to help students raise grades through focus on challenging subjects and topics, and by ensuring students are completing and improving homework
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7:00am - 8:10am

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