​​​Scientists for Tomorrow

Through a collaboration of educators, museums, and community organizations, our staff in partnership with Scientists for Tomorrow, prepares young participants with skills related to STEM fields and careers. We create positive attitudes towards science and technology information while offering exciting hands-on activities and experiences.

Exciting Science Experiments!

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STEAM Conference 2017!


The STEAM Conference is an event designed to spark the curiosity of its participants by supporting a positive experiential opportunity for learning. This approach to learning is a result of the partnership between Northeastern Illinois University and Columbia College Chicago.  Visit www.steamconf.org for details!


Explore the exciting world of robotics while learning important engineering,  math, and science topics to help you blast off in the 21st Century! Join a team today to start your path building a competition-ready robot!
Once a week

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Art Integration

Website design, 3D architecture, mobile app development, and much more!  Art sessions keep you in touch with your creative side to ensure you have the skills for a 21st Century Career.
Once a week

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Tutors are here to help students raise grades through focus on challenging subjects and topics, and by ensuring students are completing and improving homework
Every Weekday

7:00am - 8:10am