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Our morning sessions are designed to help students focus on challenging academic subjects and topics. We work with students, teachers, and the eChalk system to improve grades and to identify topics that require extra attention. Consistency in daily attendance is suggested for maximum results.

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Working with the Schoology


Schoology allows us to stay informed of students' progress at school, to see which assignments are complete, and to know which areas to focus on for grade improvement.

Digital learning resources for students


In addition to working on grade improvement, tutors use various techniques to introduce materials that challenge students through different methods. Proven online learning resources like Khan Academy are utilized to ensure that 21st century students that respond well to a digital learning environment are introduced to new and exciting topics for study.

​Scientists for Tomorrow

Students learn important science and math concepts while participating in hands-on activities that enhance currlcula. We build critical thinking skills while exploring fascinating concepts.
Once a week

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Art Integration

Website design, 3D architecture, mobile app development, and much more!  Art sessions keep you in touch with your creative side to ensure you have the skills for a 21st Century Career.
Once a week

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Explore the exciting world of robotics while learning important engineering,  math, and science topics to help you blast off in the 21st Century! Join a team today to start your path building a competition-ready robot!
Once a week

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